Well, I guess it’s no secret by now – I didn’t win the big 1.5 billion dollar powerball lottery. I didn’t play but should that really be taken into account?

I’ll be honest – I thought about winning it. Not enough to buy a ticket but enough to think about what I might do with that kind of money. In fact I even had a short conversation with The Lord about it. It went something like this,

ME: “You know, Lord, maybe just once it would be nice to be able to live as if money weren’t an issue”.

THE LORD: “Money isn’t an issue”.

ME: “What?! That’s easy for you to say…”

THE LORD: “Money isn’t an issue. I’m pretty good at providing for the faithful, good steward”

Then He set out to prove it: My motorcycle is torn apart and waiting for me to reassemble it. I’ve been waiting on getting parts because, well, they aren’t cheap and (this is hard to type, let alone confess) a motorcycle just really isn’t a necessity. However I have a friend who is a little more connected in the off-road world, as well as being a little quicker at ordering parts and putting bikes back together. He made a list up and ordered my parts and then shelled out the cash for the parts all while I was trying to figure out just how I was going to pay for them. Just when I thought I was going to have to dip into our ‘Anniversary Savings Account’ I got a text from someone interested in a different bike that I had for sale. He came, handed me cash (oddly enough the exact amount I needed for the parts!) and drove away with  the bike.

As he drove away and I stood in my driveway I think I heard a little snicker coming from heaven along with a still small voice saying “I told you money isn’t an issue”.